Upcoming Projects

Dantata Plastics has put in place a systematic expansion projects intended to provide growth to the company’s portfolio. Such projects within our planning are; Plastic Bottles, Jerry cans, PVC pipes, Medical and Cosmetics products. The projects will make use of locally sourced raw materials, with a recycled material content.

PROJECT 1: Plastic Bottle & Jerry Can

We will offer a wide range of Polypropylene bottles and jerry cans, which will be manufactured using high grade polypropylene. Main properties  that will be exhibited in our plastic bottles and jerry cans are dimensional accuracy, added flexibility, superior dust resistance and ruggedness.

PROJECT 2: PVC Pipes Production Line

Our entire range of PVC products will be manufactured with only the best quality raw materials with state-of-the-art manufacturing units empowered with latest machinery. PVC pipes have certain benefits which are as below :

  • Non-corrosive and immune to galvanic or electrolyte erosion.

  • Low thermal conductivity, maintains uniform temperature in transporting fluids.

  • Compared to metals, it is much lighter in weight, therefore easy to install and the cost of installation is also very less.

  • Fire resistant/self extinguishing.

  • Smoother inner surface which reduces friction, resulting in better flow of water.

  • Hygienic and provides safe drinking water.

  • Long-lasting, free from weakness caused by scale formation, rusting weather and chemical actions.

Our PVC Pipes will range from 20mm to 110mm.

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