We have a wide range of Domestic products for homes, kitchens, picnincs, camping and various uses.


These kettles are a clean, convenient way of carrying water in areas where taps are few and far between.  They are used for a variety of purpose including ritual ablution before prayers and a range of general purposes.

  • Portable and durable

  • Eco-friendly

  • Easy to wash

  • Great accessory for Islamic prayers.

  • Nice Sallah gift item

  • Volume: 2 Litres & 3 Litres

  • Colors/patterns to be served at random

Our simple and elegantly designed plates are highly economical. The visually-appealing design effectively complements food presentations.

  • Microwave Safe

  • BPA Free

  • Freezer Safe

  • Dishwasher and Refrigerator Safe

  • Non Discolorable

  • Odor Free

  • Convenient to use anywhere- Home, Office and Picnic

Serve up hot & cold beverages in affordable style with designer plastic cups by Dantata Plastic. This cups are easy on the lips, grippy on the outside and smooth on the inside. Our cups are reusable, inexpensive solution for homes, picnics and outdoor camping tableware. Made from lightweight, flexible polypropylene material that is easy to pack, stack and carry.

Features include:-

  • Cheap

  • Lightweight

  • Holds hot & cold liquids

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

  • Plastic will not absorb food odors

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